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Published Tue, 04/01/2014

There is never a good time to divorce, but some times are better than others. Like now!

The stock market is high. Retirement savings plans have recovered. In Texas, home values are back to pre-2008 levels and unemployment is 5.7%. This is the best time to untie the knot since 2008.

If you have been waiting to divorce because you did not think you could afford it, think again. When there is more to split, each of you can feel confident you will have more in your pockets to start fresh and to care for yourselves and your children! Call us today and ask about Detente's exclusive "May to August divorce". We are happy to schedule a free consultation with you two to see if Detente Mediation is a good fit for your separation or divorce.

Published Tue, 01/28/2014
"Divorce Corp" definitely does expose the underbelly of the massive divorce machine in this country and its destructive forces. The story of Dallas area's Wendy Archer (Parental Alienation Awareness Organization USA), is particularly poignant and moving. What undermines the movie in this divorce mediator's opinion is the paucity of solutions it offers.
Published Thu, 01/09/2014
“Divorce Corp” is a movie scheduled to be released January 10, 2014 for six days in selected cities. Divorce Corp’s “grass roots movement to reform the US family law system” appears poised to radically expose the darkest side of the family court system and the divorce industry in America. Its “DIY Divorce” trailer alone will powerfully boost the public’s awareness of and demand for effective and affordable alternatives to divorce litigation like family and divorce mediation and collaborative law.
Published Fri, 12/06/2013
Beware of going to a divorce attorney when you are in fight or flight mode. Opt to see a mediator first!
Published Mon, 12/02/2013
In Texas, spousal maintenance ("alimony") is additional money (not part of a division of marital property or child support) that one spouse pays to the other temporarily from future income to support the ex-spouse after the divorce. If this money is also paid before the divorce is finalized, it is called “temporary spousal support”. Whether a former spouse receives alimony is more than an economic question. It is one of the trickiest emotional issues of divorce.